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Trailhead coffee was created for one purpose, to start. Whether you are starting your day early, hitting the trail, casting your fishing line, getting settled in the woods for a hunting trip, or any other outdoor adventure, this is THAT coffee! Trailhead is the perfect way to start any day outdoors. This simple blend has an amazing balance of medium and dark roast beans. With low acidity, there’s nothing better than this fresh blend in the morning to get the adventure started.

Trailhead is available in two bean options, whole bean and freshly grounded bean. While both options are outstanding and will stay fresh for multiple months unopened, we give you the choice of whole bean or freshly ground bean based on your preferences. Our whole bean option allows you to grind the coffee when you're ready. Our freshly ground coffee is professionally grounded when your order it, so you have coffee ready for when you're hitting the outdoors.

Trailhead is packaged in a premium, high-quality gusseted bag to protect the coffee's freshness and provide essential oxidation. Our coffee bags come with a tin tie and were designed for the outdoor experience. Rest assured you're getting the highest quality coffee bag for your next adventure.

Our coffee is only available in one pound (16oz) bags. We did this so you have enough coffee for your weekend getaways without having to worry about running out of coffee.


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