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Get 3 pounds of epic Grizzly Coffee now! This bundle will get you all three freshly roasted blends: Hibernate, Trailhead, and Rendezvous. Available as whole bean or ground, and as always, orders over $75 are shipped for free!!

Trailhead, our light roast, was created for one purpose, to start. Whether you start your day early, hit the trail, cast your fishing line, get settled in the woods for a hunting trip, or any other outdoor adventure, this is THAT coffee! Trailhead is the perfect way to start any day outdoors. With low acidity, there’s nothing better than this fresh blend in the morning to get the adventure started.

Hibernate, is our signature medium roast and staff favorite. Freshly toasted, traditional flavor and exceptionally smooth with a hint of brightness as the end note. Hibernate will not disappoint. Hibernate is dependable, natural, and most importantly, #legendary. Its brewed for your next adventure. Be Epic. Be Fierce. Be Wild. And Love It.

Rendezvous is recommended for adventure seekers. It is BOLD , yet very smooth. Rendezvous is for individuals that want full flavor but no bitterness. This flag-ship blend is our original blend.  Rendezvous is our coffee of choice for active, outdoor adventures. Rendezvous is low on acid, bold in flavor, and roasted for greatness. 

Grizzly Coffee Company packages all of our coffee in a premium, gusseted bag to protect the coffee’s freshness and prevent oxidation. Our coffee bags come with a tie and are rugged enough for your backpack on a weekend getaway. Rest assured you’re getting the highest quality coffee for your next adventure.