For Pets

Grizzly Coffee Co is much more than just great tasting, high quality, and freshly roasted coffee. We're about the entire experience. Grizzly Coffee Co is the outdoor inspired coffee brand. We are the coffee of choice for people who get outdoors and enjoy nature.

Whether that's traveling, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or simply going for a walk in your neighborhood, we are that coffee for you.

A large part of enjoying the outdoors is getting outside with your dog! Dogs love being outside, jumping in the lake, and adventuring around in nature. Your pets' health is extremely important. Just like our great tasting, high quality, and freshly roasted coffee for you, your dog and cat also require great tasting, high quality, and fresh food. This is all critical for pets health. 

We recommend two businesses to support for pets.

  1. What's in the Bowl Pet Shop
  2. Raw Dog Barkery

There's no better two businesses that support heath for pets than What's in the Bowl Pet Shop and Raw Dog Barkery. Visit both websites online to order now!

It's about time you and your pets enjoy a quality and experience together!